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Intellectual property law needs to adapt to the demands of modern clients. That's my mission.

Intellectual property is the most overlooked element of success for any business.

Learn How to Protect Yourself

Intellectual property is the largest asset class held by American companies.

Experts estimate that intellectual property represents the largest asset class held by American companies (representing 40 percent of the value of all assets). If your goal is to build value in your company and secure your future, you need to develop your portfolio.

Take it seriously.


90% of startups fail. I can help you become the 10%.

Modern Technology.

I use the cutting edge of law practice management technology to run a nimble and responsive practice. This keeps my overhead down and allows me to focus on providing you with quality legal work.

Predictable Pricing.

The legal world has been a slave to the billable hour for too long. You need budgeting predictability so you can worry about your business not what your lawyer is going to charge you.

Access to your Lawyer.

I work hard to make sure I am accessible to my clients, be it for a phone call, an email, or a visit. When I am your lawyer, you’ll never be left wondering what’s going on.


Register your copyrights . I’ll help you protect your creative works by registering your copyrights.


Register your trademarks. Build a strong brand that works for you, not some opportunist.


Patent your inventions. If you have a great idea and you want to make sure it stays your great idea, I can help.


When someone steals your idea, knocks off your brand, or copies your work, I can help make it right.

My clients are happy.

Sean’s research, clarity of technical approach has given a lot of support and confidence in the right direction in our patents and trademark activity.

Bill Scott

Founder, Works H20 Designs

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